Are you someone who prefers not to sit still for long periods of time?

Have difficulty focusing?

Do you gravitate towards the outdoors and its activities?

Then… come:

Venture out on your mental health journey simply by taking the time to get outdoors. As you engage your body and mind on an activity, your mind opens up in creating alternative solutions for moments in your life when you feel “stuck”. Take your life back. Get outside. Venture out.

I offer a few simple activities that I use in conjunction with your personalized treatment plan: Spring/Autumn: Hike; summer: Kayak/SUP; winter: Ski/Snowboard. It does not matter your skill level on any of these activities, you will be participating in them in the most basic way, so if you have never done any of the above activities, you can still benefit from them; and if you are an athlete who is advanced in all of the above; you will benefit from taking it “down a few notches” and allowing yourself get quiet.

Your outdoor therapy experience begins with four sessions during a 12 week period that you can always renew. Contact me for more information!