Carving Out Time Together

For couples this is HUGE! I know there can be a million excuses on why there’s no time left in the day to go out together or to just spend some extra time alone. The major ones include: kids, activities, in laws, visitors, stress, work, etc! Can you relate? That’s okay! Here are some tips:

  1. Make a plan ahead of time (even months in advance so you stick to it)

  2. Do something you don’t usually do- so it’s new to both of you! It doesn’t have to be costly: a walk in the local park, watching the sunset from your roof, drive to the closest city… get creative and fun!

  3. Don’t talk about work or other “stressors“ while you’re out- use another time during the day for this. You may need to plan for “family meeting time” as well.

  4. Create a positive atmosphere while you’re together: compliment your spouse/partner for their efforts in how they look, smell, handle themselves, do a task, etc. Touch them on the shoulder, run your fingers through their hair, be flirty!

    It’s important not to lose the “spark” that first ignited at meeting. Remember those times and what worked for you then and try to bring it back! It’s never too late! If you need more support around this, make an appointment with me :)

Priscila Podesta