Why can't you read my mind!?

I hear oftentimes from couples this common, simple phrase: "But he should know how I am! She should know that it would bother me, they've known me for years!" It is usually said emphatically with frustration behind the tone of voice. Do not fear, you are not the only one! As much as this is true, there are many other factors at play here. One of those factors are assumptions that come from thoughts. Your spouse or partner may think "but she/he was with her/his friends this week so of course they would not have minded that I didn't cook". While instead, all was needed was a check in: "Hey babe, you were out every night this week so is it safe to assume I you won't be expecting a home cooked meal?" Silly example, but you get the point. We will tackle in the next blog post why this example spouse feels the need to go out every night and leave their beloved behind... find out more in "carving out time together". 

Priscila Podesta