When You Don't Know

It is difficult at times to allow ourselves to “not know” what is next in our lives. Sometimes, we need time to heal. Or we need to allow others time to heal. Perhaps a decision cannot be made without time to reveal more of the facts. Perhaps, as strange and odd as you may feel in this “stage” of your life- perhaps, (go with me for one moment now…) Perhaps: you were meant to be in this part of your life for a reason you may never grow to understand. Simply accepting there is a reason, and this stage is an acceptable “state of being” is all you need to focus on right now. Perhaps this trial is in your life because you are going from one thing to the next, and you just need to focus on one or two things that are of value and importance. This age spends so much time worrying; there’s wisdom in not worrying so much on what you cannot control. A lot of our stress comes from thinking that we have “done something wrong” that led us to where we are currently. Let that go right now. Remember: you are not the problem. You simply live in an imperfect world where you are creating solutions and creatively exploring how to survive. You are the wealth of beauty, positive energy, and wisdom that you bring into the world. Bring more of that- and less of that feeling of confusion of what you seek to know when you don’t know. (You may not be meant to know right now, and that’s okay…)

Priscila Podesta