TEENS: Wait to Date

I know, I know, adolescents have the need to “be an adult” and “go on their own”. I’ve been there, I know what it was like. However, if there is one piece of advice I could give a teen, it would be to wait before dating. I am all for mixed gender friendships, hanging out in groups, etc. However, when it comes to creating a romantic relationship at a stage where your brain isn’t fully developed, is dangerous.

Here’s why.

1. Teenagers still have an innocence about the world. At that age, they are doing a lot of observing, but not living out experiences yet, so they are overly trusting. So, why allow a teen to prematurely learn lessons of heartache and betrayal when they need to be experiencing life as fun still!

2. Adolescents are looking to be validated and accepted, this is part of their life stage. This is great, because as a parent, you can be their best “cheerleader” by giving them responsibilities you know he or she can be good at, and watch them flourish! Just watch: a teen will light up at the chance to prove to you they are trustworthy and responsible! As an added bonus, what other kids say about him or her will weigh a lot less.

3. Teens still need an adults’ help to make healthy decisions. (20-somethings still do!) So, as parents, guide your teenager towards healthy people. As a teen, let your parents in on your life and let them make comments of caution (or praise) if needed. You will wish you had done so after it’s too late.

Priscila Podesta